Consulting and Project Management

Having experience in both traditional and digital media, I can help bridge the gap between traditional methods and their digital counterparts. Never before has so much data been available for use by the marketing professional to pinpoint their target market and influence buying decisions. Digital marketers are soliciting nearly every business nearly every day claiming to be from "Google". Here's a hint: Google doesn't call you unless you ask them to!

Because the industry is still relatively new and misunderstood, a large amount of money is being wasted. I am constantly amazed by the number of scams which involve Internet marketing. An inexperienced business owner may not only lose control of their website and domain name, but also of their reputation. Now is not the time to gamble with your brand, your image and your company.

Before committing thousands to a digital marketing company, make sure you do some old fashioned snooping. Check LinkedIn, Google the company name for reviews, call some of the clients they claim they are working with. Do they guarantee you 1st place in a Google search? Is THEIR company 1st place in a Google search?

I would encourage you to call or email me for a free evaluation or just some advice. Even though the satisfaction of denying a scammer is gratifying, I would be pleased if you hired me to help.

Consulting services start at $95 per hour. 

Website Hosting and Management

To uphold a high level of security and better maintain and support your sites, we provide hosting and maintenance plans for our clients. Our plans, starting at $25 per month include security and software updates and backup/restoration service. Content creation and marketing services are included with other popular plans.

Inbound Marketing

Grow your business with automated inbound marketing!

Inbound Marketing platform for your website.

Allow us to integrate and manage a powerful set of applications. Businesses should be able to gain insight on who's visiting their site and use this information to keep your product or service at the top of their list throughout the buying process. 

Make the most of the information you gather from visitors to your website. Transform this information into a marketing machine and use the RESULTS to capture a greater customer base.

Mobile Websites

We can quickly and affordably transform your existing website into a mobile application. With over 540% of your audience using a mobile device, you can't afford NOT to have a mobile ready site. Not just a mobile friendly version, our software creates a mobile application to display your information in the most user friendly presentation for smart phones and tablets. You can have separate content, offers and contact information for mobile users. You can even use location services to manage the offers available. Contact us today to get a complimentary example based on your existing site.

Prices starting at $600

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